At this time, AvenueHQ only provides IDX feeds for residential listings for sale. This means we don't support commercial, lease or rental listings. These listings cannot be imported automatically to your website or your website searches the way residential listings do.

If you would like to add a commercial, lease or rental listing to your website, please submit your request to have this manually uploaded via our Manual Listings Form.

Please be advised that as these are manually created listings, they will not be connected to MLS. As such, you will need to inform us if you want the listing to be edited or removed from your site. If this listing status is changed, we will not be notified and it will remain active on your site until you request that we remove it.

You can have up to 3 manual listings added to your website per month within your complimentary 1 hour of support time. Any additional listings will be subject to our fee of $50.00 per hour over the monthly complimentary hour (non accumulative).

If you have more than 3 manual listings that you'd like to add to your site, OR you'd rather use your hour of support for other purposes, here's a step-by-step guide on how to manually add them yourself.

***Any listings uploaded manually cannot be displayed within listing searches.

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