Step 1: Login here

Step 2: Click the blue ‘Start New’ tab at the top

Step 3: Select: IDX Data Agreement

Step 4: Input personal information for the fields below (they may be inputted already)

Step 5: there are THREE fields that must be filled out

  1. THIRD PARTY PROVIDER = select AVENUEHQ/Realty Butler Technology Inc.

  2. THIRD PARTY CONTACT = Marcus Campbell


    Check the box & click "Send to Third Party"

Step 6: Add your Avenue website URL

  • Add your Avenue website's URL (

  • If you have more than one website with us, please add them all here

❗️If you have a website with another provider, you do not need to include the URL for that website here.❗️

Once these steps are completed, your Managing Broker will be contacted by TRREB to approve the agreement. Our team will be notified when the agreement is completed.

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