What is the New Pages Experience?

Facebook has been slowly transitioning some pages into their new pages program to drastically improve some aspects. Unfortunately, it is also riddled with bugs, with a lack of support to navigate the new platform. Thankfully, we have all the steps needed in getting your services up and running with us!


So far, we have been able to identify 2 possible solutions.

Solution 1:

- The owner of the page may have received an email from Facebook, prompting to accept an admin request from Avenue. Accepting through here should grant us access.

Solution 2:

If this email is not showing up, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Log into Facebook.

  2. Go to this URL (https://business.facebook.com/latest/settings/business_users) and look for a request from AvenueHQ. If you see it, please accept it!

  3. If you do not see the request, navigate to the bottom of the left sidebar. Click "Give Feedback".

  4. Click "Switch to Business Manager".

  5. Click the blue "Switch" button to confirm.

  6. You may be prompted to send feedback, you can skip or send any feedback you may have.

  7. Click "Done".

  8. Now that you are in your Business Manager, navigate to the left sidebar and click "Business Settings".

  9. Click "Requests".

  10. Click on the "Received" tab. Here you should see AvenueHQ's request.

  11. Click "Approve".

🎉🎉🎉 THAT'S IT! 🎉🎉🎉

After approving the request, please let us know! We will then be able to move forward with setting up your Facebook services.

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