Have you ever tried boosting one of your Facebook posts or listings just for Facebook to reject the ad? It could be because of Facebook’s non-discriminatory ad policy targeting specific “Special Ad Categories”.

Credit, Employment and Housing topics all fall under Facebook’s “Special Ad Category” policy and need to be identified as such, or your ads could be at risk of getting rejected! Housing ads include promoting listings for sale or rent, mortgages, home equity, appraisal services, etc. If too many of your ads get rejected, your entire page could be flagged for violation of Facebook’s ad policies – meaning you could lose the ability to run ads at all!

How to set up Special Ad Category

So how can you make sure you’re following Facebook’s Special Ad Category policy and prevent your ads from getting rejected? It’s easy! All you need to do is select “housing” under the Special Ad Category section when you boost a post. (see below)

Alternatively, if you’re running your ad through Facebook Ad Manager, select the Housing option under the Special Ad Category section when creating your campaign. (see below)

You only need to do this step once and you’ll be covered for any future ads you decide to run!

Special Ad Category Restrictions

So what is Facebook’s “Special Ad Category” policy? It’s Facebook’s policy to prevent discrimination based on demographic characteristics within these ad categories. Some targeting options are unavailable or restricted for these categories, including:

Locations: Facebook will automatically apply a 15-mile/25km radius to your targeted location. It is no longer possible to target specific Postal or ZIP codes.

Age: It is no longer possible to choose age targeting for housing ads on Facebook. All ads will target ages 18 to 65+ by default.

Gender: Gender targeting will not be an option for housing ads. All genders will be targeted by default.

Detailed Targeting: While some detailed targeting options will still be available for ads in the Housing Special Ad Category, over 5,000 options have been removed by Facebook. The removed options include education, employment, field of study, spending habits, homeownership, investments, and more.

Additionally, it will not be possible to exclude any detailed targeting options for housing ads.

Lookalike Audiences: These will not be available in the Housing Special Ad Category.

By following these ad policies you can reduce the risk of your ad getting rejected and your page being flagged!

On the other hand, if you have any additional ads you would like to run and don’t want to risk getting rejected, we’d be more than happy to set them up for you! Reach out to us on Live Chat and provide the image, caption, and how much you’d like to spend on the ad and we’ll get it up and running asap!

Happy Advertising!

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