Welcome to the Avenue HQ newsletter editor! On the 1st of every month we open the newsletter editor to give you plenty of time to preview and edit your newsletter before it is sent out on the 15th of the month (or the next available business day) at 9:00am of your timezone.

To access the Newsletter Editor log into your Avenue Account and navigate to the services tab. Click the drop down and navigate to the Newsletter Editor:

Once you have navigated to this tab you will see the following screen when the Newsletter Editor is open for use!

You have 3 options:

Newsletter Preview - In the middle of the screen, click to preview how this months newsletter will look when it goes out!

Skip newsletter for this month - Click here if you prefer to not send out a newsletter this month. You can undo this selection if you change your mind up until the newsletter editor closes (2 hours before it's due to be sent out).

Newsletter Editor - On the bottom right, click here to add in your custom introduction and custom articles to this months newsletter.

Once you click the Newsletter Editor button you will be taken to the next page with the following options:

1. Change the subject line of this month's newsletter!

2. Edit your personal introduction. You can bold text with the B. Italicize text with the I or add in hyper links with the 'chain link' icon.

3. Avenue provides standard articles each month for your newsletter so you don't have to! If you prefer to not include these articles in this month's newsletter, simply uncheck the box of which ones you do not want to appear.

4. If you have custom articles you would like to add in this month, please check Yes and press Save & Continue.

If you're all finished, you can press Save & Preview to view your newsletter with the new changes.

Adding Custom Content

Use the second page of the Newsletter Editor to add in your own custom articles!

1. Click on 'Upload Image' to add an image to your custom article.

2. Fill out the title of the custom article (required).

3. Use this section to add the text content of your article.

Use + Add Image Block

For when you want to add additional images to the custom content section.

  1. Insert the title for your image here (required)

  2. Upload your image through the 'Upload Image' button here. jpeg and PNG files only, PDF images are not compatible with the newsletter.

  3. Add a caption to your image (optional)

  4. Add a hyper link for the image by using this section!

Use + Add Video Block

For when you want to add video content to the custom content section. Videos must be uploaded to a third party (ex Youtube) before they can be added to the newsletter. MP4 files are not compatible and cannot be uploaded.

1. Add in a title for your video (required).

2. Add in your Youtube or Vimeo link (required).

3. Upload a preview image for your video, we suggest a screenshot of the default image of your Youtube or Vimeo video (required).

Hit Save & Publish and you're all set! You can preview the Newsletter again to make sure everything looks great.

Thank you for using the Newsletter Editor! If you have any questions or would like to provide us any feedback, please log into your Avenue Account and start a live chat with us.

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