When we create your Facebook and/or Google and Instagram ads we like to target a specific location for your ads to appear in. This allows potential buyers and sellers within that location to see your ads - either scrolling through their Facebook, Instagram, or through Google Search.

Ideally, you should target the location where your clients live and we recommend choosing the city you primarily sell houses in.

Due to Facebook and Google ad policies, we are unable to target specific ZIP/postal codes or neighbourhoods. We need to choose an entire city to target. As well, due to Facebook’s non-discriminatory ad policy, the location you choose will also include all areas within a 25 km radius of the city you choose.

We also suggest choosing a backup location in case your ads aren’t gathering much traffic or leads. We recommend choosing a neighbouring city to the primary city you’ve chosen.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out on Live chat!

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