Your ad budget is the main driver for performance. The more budget you have, the better results you'll produce. It's important to consider the end results you're looking for when choosing your ad budget. For example, how much website traffic are you looking for or how many leads you want to generate?

Budget based on website traffic

If you spend $5 on Facebook, on average, you can expect around 670 impressions on the ad and 93 clicks through to your website.

If you would like 1,000 website visits a month then you're looking at $50 per month.

Budget based on leads generated

Leads per month X Cost Per Lead

Avenue's average cost per lead ranges from $5-$20. If you would like 5 leads a month, assuming the cost per lead is $15, your ad budget needs to be $75 per month.

Your Avenue Account

Did you know that you could change your ad budget with us at any time? Simply email us at, and we'll make it happen! The changes will appear on your next invoice, and they will start the following month.

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