Apart from boosting your listings, your ad budget also goes towards lead focused ads, which are run twice a month on Facebook (and Instagram if you’re on the accelerate package). These are customized ads that represent the area you work in, as well as the types of properties you specialize in. Lead focused ads are a great way to attract qualified leads!

Lead focused ads aren't posted to your Facebook page because they are considered dark ads. Despite sounding somewhat ominous, dark ads aren’t as scary as they sound. Dark ads are only visible to the target audience and allows our team to create a much more sophisticated and strategic ad. With dark ads, you’re advertising to a specific audience, so it seems less like an ad because you’re appealing to their interests.

While you won’t be able to see your dark ads, you can see exactly how your listing and dark ads are performing by checking out your Advertising Stats in your avenue account.

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