At Avenue, you get one hour/month of support from our team included with your website. With that hour, we can manually upload 3 listings for you that we aren't able to import from the MLS - think commercial, lease/rental or off-market listings.

If you have more than 3 manual listings that you'd like to add to your site, OR you'd rather use your hour of support for other purposes, here's a step-by-step guide on how to manually add listings to your site yourself.

Getting Started

Before you manually upload a listing to your website, there are two things you'll need to do first:

Step 1 - Log in to the back end of your website. If you're not sure what your login credentials are, reach out to us via email or live chat, and we'd be happy to send them over!

Step 2 - Ensure you've gathered the following details about your listing:

  • MLS ID

  • Address

  • Write-up/description

  • Listing price (not sale price)

  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

  • Square Footage

  • Photos

Watch the video below for a walk-through of each of these steps.

Uploading the Listing

Once you've completed the two steps above, you're ready to start uploading!

Starting on the back end dashboard of your website, hover over "+ New" in the blue bar at the top, and click "Listing." This will open a blank listing page.

Once on the blank listing page, refer to the screenshots below for step-by-step instructions on which fields to fill out.

1 - Add a title

Enter the address of the listing in this field. This will ensure the URL of the listing reflects the address instead of a handful of random characters.

2- Add a description

Write or copy/paste it here.

3 - Set the Listing Status

Check the "Newsletter" box if you have a monthly newsletter with us and want the listing to be featured on your upcoming newsletter.

📧 If you don't have a monthly newsletter with us, but would like to find out more about this service, click here.

Check the "Archive" box if you're uploading a sold listing. This will ensure the listing is added to your Past Sales page and not your Featured Listings page.

4 - Set the Listing Status

For an active listing, set the status to "Active."

For a sold listing, set the status to "Sold."

5 - Add a banner

The top two banner fields will only display on your website if the listing status is set to "active." The third banner will display if the listing is marked as "sold."

Banner - use this field if you want the banner to appear the entire time the listing is active. Examples include:

  • For Lease

  • Coming Soon

  • Exclusive

Just Listed Banner - use this field if you want the banner to automatically disappear after 2 weeks. If field is left blank, this banner will default to "Just Listed."

Sold Title - use this field to add a banner to a listing that has been sold. Examples include:

  • Leased

  • Sold Over Asking

  • Represented the Buyer

  • Sold in 3 Days

⚠️ Important: most boards don't allow the sale price to be advertised, so steer clear of any banners that include the exact sale price or info that can be used to calculate the sale price. Eg. "Sold for 102% of Listing Price."

6 - Add photos

Click "Add or Upload Photo" and either drag & drop the photos you'd like to use, or upload them from your computer. Once the photos have finished uploading, click the green "Use these files" button.

Once you're back on the new listing page, you can click+drag the photos to change the order.

7 - Add the MLS ID

If you're uploading an off-market listing, you can leave this field blank.

8 - Add the listing price

Only numbers, leave out the dollar sign and commas.

⚠️ Important: this field is for the listing price only.

9 - Add the address

Including the unit number, street number, street name, city and province/state.

10 - Add the map address

Fill out this field to embed a Google Map on the listing page. Only fill out the street number, street name, city and province/state, and leave out the unit number.

11 - Add each element of the listing address in it's corresponding field

You're welcome to add additional location information here, such as the area or community.

12 - Add the type, subtype & style

Totally optional.

13 - Add the number of bedrooms & bathrooms

For half baths, you can write .5 in the bathroom field.

Eg. three full bathrooms and one powder room = 3.5

To represent a den, you can write + 1 in the bedroom field.

Eg. one bedroom + den = 1 + 1

14 - Fill in floor space & lot size

Again, just numbers, no commas.

15 - Add a virtual tour URL

If you have a virtual tour of the listing, add the URL here.

⚠️ Important: the virtual tour must be uploaded to a third-party video hosting site, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Cotala or Matterport, so a URL is created. Video files (eg. mp4, .mov) can't be uploaded directly to the listing page.

16 - Add any site influences and/or amenities

One per line.

And that's it! Easy as 🥧

Once you're filled out the fields to your satisfaction, scroll back up to the top of the page and click the green "Publish" button.

To view the published listing, click "View Listing" in the blue bar across the top of the screen. This is where you get to sit back and admire your work!

If we manage your social media for you, don't forget to send us the URL of your listing via email or live chat so we can promote it for you.

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