Many online leads hold back from leaving a phone number as it can be intimidating to get a call from someone they do not know. Or perhaps they prefer to chat via email where it is more convenient for them. Just because someone doesn’t leave a phone number doesn’t mean they are not worth following up with. Email campaigns are a great marketing strategy that can turn a warm lead into a hot one! Here are some email follow-up ideas you can use to build a relationship with a lead that show off your expertise:

Email 1 - Why did they reach out?

Your first email will always be to follow up with why your lead reached out in the first place. Perhaps they set up a saved search, were looking at a particular listing, or filled out the home evaluation form on your website. Knowing why a lead reached out is important to how you approach your follow up!

All of your leads information is available in the Contacts section of your Avenue Account. Once you have reviewed the information, follow up by letting them know you are available to chat about listings within their criteria.

Email 2 - More listings

Did your lead reach out about a specific listing but decided it wasn’t the right one for them? Follow up by sending them a predefined search that shows more listings within their search criteria. You can do this by setting up the search parameters on your website and sending them the URL.

Alternatively if your lead came through the saved search feature, pick out 1-3 individual listings from within their criteria that you think will be a good fit for them. Send them these listings and let them know you would be happy to chat more about them!

Email 3 - Meeting Apps

There are lots of useful tools to help you to schedule meetings. We recommend the easy to use: Calendly . This is a great way for clients to find a time to speak with you that is convenient for both you and them! It's important to make sure you give your lead every opportunity to contact you. Send them your Calendly link so they can schedule a time to meet with you. This reinforces that you are always available to chat about listings.

All Avenue websites come with a Mortgage Calculator and Saved Search feature. Let your leads know that you have these tools to offer them by emailing the links right from your site. Sending these links helps drive traffic back to your website and shows off your professionalism. Most importantly getting this information from your leads will help you serve them better!

Email 5 - Newsletter

If the monthly newsletter is a part of your services at Avenue, we suggest reaching out to your lead and asking them if they would be interested in subscribing. It contains useful regional updates and your latest listings each month. This is great for clients who are not ready to buy or sell right away as it's a great way to keep front of mind and keep building that relationship.

Email 6 - Social Media

Suggest your leads follow you on social media. Leads can take anywhere between 7-13 touch points before they become a client. Social media is great ‘soft-touch’ to keep front of mind with your leads, re-enforce your expertise as a realtor and build trust with your network.

It’s also another place where they can keep in contact with you. Include links to your Instagram and Facebook business page so they can get to know you better and get frequent updates on your listings, the market, or even just you!

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