Note: all of this content can also be sent in to be added after your site's live as well! Just email it to us at

1. Are your client testimonials up to date?

Need to get some more reviews from your past clients? Here are our tips!

We recommend asking your clients to review you on Google as well, as this can help improve where you rank in searches and will show up directly underneath your Google Business profile on the right-hand side of your Google search. Not got a Google Business page yet? Here's how to set one up!

2. Bio: How are you telling your own story?

The biography or 'about' section, can be one of the most powerful pieces on your website if it's done right.

Follow our key questions to structure your thoughts as you rewrite it.

3. Past Sales

Please send us your last 2 years of sales to add to your site. Please send them over in a CSV export, or spreadsheet, with the following 2 columns:

  1. MLS numbers

  2. Sold dates.

You can typically export a CSV file from your MLS system.

Support for: CSV Export: Victoria Matrix

Support for: CSV Export: Paragon

4. Contact list for your newsletter

  • Please send us your list in this format so we can upload it to your Mailchimp account.

Want to learn more about how your newsletter service works? Watch our short video here.

5. Headshot

  • Is your headshot up to date? If not, no worries - you can update it at any time, just send it over to us at

6. Have you purchased your domain name yet?

If not, please purchase now, you'll need it for when your new site goes live.

We recommend buying it from Godaddy, after you've purchased it, please add Avenue as a delegate so we can attach it to your new website when it's ready to go live!

✅ 7. Do you have an Instagram feed on your site?

  • We'll need your login to make it work! Please send it to or via Live Chat

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