It can be overwhelming to think about all the things you feel like you need to do right now. We get it. As a tech company in the real estate space, we have unique insight into how to move your business remote and learn to thrive in this new age. 

Something that is really clear to us, is that even past stages of isolation and quarantine, we're going to see a lot more business being conducted remotely, especially in real estate. 

It's important to think of these changes you are making as ways of "future-proofing" your business and building optimizations that will benefit you long term. As consumers, young and old, start to appreciate the convenience of online shopping in real estate (and beyond) we expect these trends to continue long past isolation. 

Some of our most successful clients have already transitioned their entire business online and are seeing great results. But we want to make sure that all of our clients are in this position. Here are our top five priorities for you to be working on, right now.

1. Staying in contact.

This is crucial. If you do just one thing, do this. Don't just disappear because you can't be face to face with clients right now. Check in with texts or emails to your clients or potential clients. Just to see how they are doing! If you're stuck at home and bored or struggling to juggle kids and work, they likely are too! A thoughtful message from you could go a long way and nurturing your network right now will pay dividends in the future.  Send out a personal message in your newsletter this month, or put together a custom email to send out to your network if you don't usually send a newsletter. Are you posting on your social media? Don't go silent!

2. Adapting your most urgent in-person activities to be online. 

Open houses and client walkthroughs are your bread and butter. Have you figured out a system to do this online? If not, we have a guide on how to get this set up here. Why not take advantage of this new online world, and run Facebook ads for your virtual open house? You could get far more eyes on your properties now than ever before! Facebook has seen a 44% rise in use since the pandemic began, make sure you are using this to your advantage! Do you normally take clients for a coffee or lunch? Why not look into services like Giftly or Opentable to send out gift cards for your favourite coffee shop or restaurant? (and by doing so, also supporting your favourite places!)

3. Reassuring your network. 

What kind of message are you sending out to your client base? People who are looking to buy and sell right now are likely worried about a lot of things. Make sure real estate isn't one of them. For your buyers: Look up mortgage rates in your local area, have they dropped? For your sellers: Let them know about listings locally that have closed with multiple offers on the table. Let people know how the market is doing, as well as how you have adapted personally in order to serve them remotely. People are looking to you as an expert to reassure and keep them updated. Use some of our suggested templates if you're not sure what to say.

4. Getting your online presence up to date. 

We've seen record-breaking website traffic across our clients' sites. Last week, almost 250,000 people checked out our clients’ sites. That’s a jump of 100,000 people from the beginning of April! Now is a great time to look at your site and use this time to your benefit. Is your site easy to navigate? Is your bio up to date? Perhaps now is the time to write that blog article you've been planning? To learn more on how to audit your own website, read our article here.

5. Advertising online. 

We’re also seeing a huge jump in the leads generated across our sites, now is the time to get advertising! With everyone at home, and online, make sure that your marketing dollars are being spent to get in front of the most people. Facebook is seeing record numbers - are you advertising your listings? Or your pre-defined searches? Did you know you can also use some of your lead capture functions yourself? You can set up saved searches on your map for clients you know are in the market for certain types of properties or regions.  

As always, if you have any questions on this topic, or anything else then send us an email over at or chat to us in the live chat of your Avenue App.

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