So you're stuck at home. And so is the rest of the country! What better time than now to look at your website and make sure it's relevant, up to date and on brand. With everything moving online, it's more important than ever to have a strong online presence.

Your online world really starts with your website. All of your social media, advertising and email marketing should all effectively point back to your website. Making sure your site grows and changes with you is key to having a consistent and relatable online presence. When was the last time you had a look at your website and gave it a refresh? Get yourself prepared for the next few months of being remote, as well as setting yourself up for success in the future by auditing your website.

Here's our guide:

1. Are your recommendations up to date? 

It's important to make sure that any reviews, or testimonials that you highlight show you in the best light. It's also key to ensure that these testimonials are recent and relevant to the type of client you want to attract now. Need to get some more reviews from your past clients? Here are our tips! 

We recommend updating your testimonials regularly, and showcasing your best recommendations. Try to avoid huge walls of text, and handpick your best reviews to paint your specific services in the best possible light. Avoid the vague reviews saying "she's great!" and if possible, showcase the reviews that specifically detail how you went above and beyond for your clients.

We recommend asking your clients to review you on Google as well, as this can help improve where you rank in searches and will show up directly underneath your Google Business profile on the right hand side of your Google search. Not got a Google Business page yet? Here's how to set one up!

2. How are you telling your own story? 

The biography or 'about' section, can be one of the most powerful pieces on your website if it's done right. Take an in depth and unbiased look at your bio and ask yourself: 

  • Does this introduce me effectively to a completely new visitor to my website? 

  • Is this 'story' told in my own voice? 

  • Are the awards, experience and details mentioned up to date? 

If not, it's time to rethink your biography and spend some time making sure it's representing you correctly. Follow our key questions to structure your thoughts as you rewrite it. 

Spend some time on it, and ask your friends and family to look over it as well. Once it’s ready, send it to and we’ll update it on your website for you.

3. How user-oriented is it?

Walk-through your site as if you were a user looking to buy or sell a home. Is it easy to navigate to different pages? Is the property search easy to find? Is it easy to find social proof about your services? Are there any broken links that don't lead anywhere or photos that look blurry or pixellated? Are your pre-defined searches focused on the areas that best represent you and your client base? Your website is primarily for your clients and potential clients so should be attractive, but also user-friendly and easy to navigate.

4. Do you love the imagery?

Want to make some tweaks to the imagery? We can update any header images, or sub-header images at any time using your hour of monthly support included in all packages. 

We use the following sites to source stock photography –feel free to browse through and send us links of images you like and we can freshen up your site for you. Also bear in mind that very large images or extensive video can slow down your site speed which will increase your bounce rate. Avoid this if you can!

5. Is it personal enough? 

Are you showcasing your personality and your clients on your site? The best real estate sites tell a story. They showcase your clients' journeys with you, and your personality as a realtor. Are your testimonials prominent on your homepage or tucked away somewhere? Are your images just of homes, or of the people who buy them? Is it easy to find information about who you are as a realtor?

Are you creating content that visitors can read about you and your expertise? A great way to do this is by adding some blog articles to your site. This is a great chance to start to work on adding your own personal content and voice while you have some more time on your hands. Why not take the time to put together some blog posts. 

Not sure where to start? Watch our webinar on how to blog in the new online environment.

6. Have you been using all of the tools? 

Are you up to date on how your site is performing? We show statistics on your website views, newsletter performance and advertising results in your Avenue account. Check them out! 

Have you been checking where your leads are coming from & tailoring your follow ups based on their request? 

You get one hour of free updates each month with your Avenue services, so if you have new content to add to your site, get in touch via the live chat of your Avenue app or by emailing us at

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