Step 1: Log into 

Step 2: Click Search, then Inventory

Step 3: Click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the "Status" field. 

  • Deselect everything except for the three 'sold' categories

Step 4: Find the 'Selling/Listing' option. 

  • Use the dropdown menu to select 'Listed or Sold'

  • Click Search on the top right

Step 5: Adding fields to your list

  • Click the ⚙️ on the blue menu bar

  • Select 'Fields'

Step 6: Selecting fields

  • There are 16 fields that you want to include in your export data (see how to add/remove items below)

The 16 fields you should select are below:

Step 7: Export your list!

Step 8: Export cont.

  • Leave everything as it is from the pop up, and click "Export" at the top right. 

Step 9: Send Avenue your file

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