As countries go into self-isolation across the world, your online communications become so much more important. 

There are a number of ways you can move your business online (check out the rest of our articles on the topic here) but for our newsletter clients, you already have a great touchpoint with your entire database which you can use to engage and reassure. 

What Avenue has done

We've made the following adjustments to your newsletter for the next few months:

We have removed the local events section from your upcoming newsletter and replaced it with a Tips & Resources section, containing links to resources that your client base might find useful at this time. This includes:

  • Remote working tips

  • Resources for entertaining families who are stuck at home

  • Health and wellness resources

The content piece that we include in your newsletter this month will also be on a relevant topic.

What you can do

Your newsletter is branded for you and can go out completely as it is, with no edits required if you wish. This month however, we do strongly recommend writing a personal introduction reaching out to your network and providing some reassuring advice. This is a great time to engage with your client base, show them that you care and to establish your expertise.

Suggestions for your personal intro this month:

  • Be calm, reassuring and reasonable, your clients are looking to experts right now to find out if they can still buy and sell their homes!

  • A warm, well wishing greeting

  • Ask them how they have been coping being at home

  • What have you and your family been doing to keep busy?

  • What are the mortgage rates like in your area? Have they decreased? This would be a great time to let them know!

  • Reassurance that the wheels are still turning in real estate and there are lots of houses getting listed in your area

  • Have you set up any remote tools for your business? You can let them know about any ways that you have gone remote - from Zoom calls to virtual open houses or virtual "coffee hangs". Letting them know that you are still working hard for your client base and are adaptable and willing is a great way to showcase your skills and determination as a realtor right now.

  • You can let them know that your newsletter this month has some tips and tricks for working remote and keeping the kids entertained at home and you hope they enjoy it! 

  • Let them know how they can reach you if they want to arrange a (video) chat.

Most of all be authentic, and reassure them that life is still going on in real estate!  

If you have any questions, do reach out in the live chat of your Avenue App and our team will be happy to help you.

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