Just because we are all cooped up at home for a while, doesn't mean your interaction with your clients should stop–far from it! Now is the time to engage and entertain your clients and prospective clients. First, read our article on how you can reassure your clients here. Next, think about how you can really engage your community.

You might have some extra time now that you aren't driving around and meeting everyone face-to face. Or, your phone might be ringing off the hook! Whatever your situation is, take some time to engage with your community. 

It's really important to stay consistent, calm, cool and collected. Don't just post once on social media and then never again. There's a lot of misinformation and panic out there, and it's important to show that you are still in business, still a community leader, and you still care! If you have Avenue social and newsletter services, then rest assured, we are posting content on your Facebook page and updating your network for you.

Video is one of the best ways to engage with your clients. Why not update your community on how you've been keeping entertained working indoors, or new steps you've taken to hold meetings or open houses online? Most of all, be yourself! You are the face of your business, and even though you can't meet many of your clients face-to-face right now, they should still see your face! Be creative,

We recommend adding some light and engaging video content to your social profiles - maybe you can explain the real estate market in your area, has the mortgage rate gone down considerably? How are you adapting to being remote? Are you doing virtual open houses? Virtual coffee chats? If you have kids at home, how are you keeping them entertained? 

If you haven't created a video before, read our guide on how to make a video using Loom. You can also film a video directly on your Facebook page and post it for your followers. Instagram is also a great resource to film video content. You can film yourself in Instagram Stories which normally last for 24 hours, and even save stories permanently to your profile. Here's a guide on how to create stories. You can then post these Instagram stories to your Facebook profile. Be present, be positive, and show your face!

To learn more about how to transfer your business remote, watch our webinar on demand here.

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