Here are the steps required to export your sold listings from the Victoria MLS system, and to send them to us for your website:

  1. Log into

  2. Create a Custom Export

  3. Add a Search

  4. Add Additional Fields to the Search

  5. Select Sold Listings

  6. Add Your ID and Select Types

  7. Export Your Sold Listings

Step 1:  Log into

Step 2: Create Your Custom Export

a) Click My Matrix (top of page)
b) Settings (bottom of list)
c) Custom Exports
d) Add Export
e) Export name= Historical Solds
f)  Export Fields = MLS # and Date Sold
g) Save
i)  Done

a) Click "Search" tab at top of page
b) Click "Basic" from list 

c) Scroll to bottom of the page
d) Click "Add/Remove" next to Additional Fields

3) Enter the following fields:

Step 4: Select Sold Listings

Step 5: Add Your Realtor ID and Select Types

a) Scroll to bottom of page
b) Enter your Realtor ID
c) Select 'Residential'

d) Once you have entered these fields, the number of results will appear above
e) Click 'Results'

f) Select all at top
g) Click 'Export' at bottom 

h) Export file format 'Historical Solds' (or whatever you called it at the beginning!) 

Step 6: Attach file to an email and send to the Avenue Launch Team!

You're done!!  🎉 🎉

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