We have created a new way to manage your users in the Avenue App. You now have complete control over the users of your App, and your lead notification emails. You can access this by logging into the platform here, and clicking on 'users' in the left-hand menu.

How it works


Your users are displayed just like your contacts. These users are the other people who need access to your Avenue account. On this page, you can see their name, email, account type and whether they receive email notifications (ie. when you get a new lead, whether they will be notified.) 

Inviting a new user

You also now have the option to add new users to your account. When you click 'Invite a new user' in the top, right corner you have the option to add a name, email and assign permissions. When you click 'send invite', they will receive a prompt to sign in and set a password, and will then have access to your account.

To note: new users that you invite to your account will not receive any lead notification emails until they have confirmed their invitation by setting a password. This is to protect the security of your leads.


We have created a variety of settings to cover the different types of users of your account.

Account Types:

Admin - Can add or delete users or Contacts in your account. By default, will receive lead emails.
Member - Can't add or delete users but can edit Contacts (ie. leads). By default, will receive lead emails.
View-Only - View-only users can't edit users or contacts in your account, and by default do not get lead emails. But they do get access to the contacts page, stats and FAQ pages.

Admins of your account should be the primary contact or the person in charge of the account. Members could be team members or other people you would like to receive lead emails and have full access to your account, without having editable user permissions. View-only users might be marketing staff that you don't want to have any editing permissions, but need access to your stats.

To note: You can override the default settings by using the 'receive lead emails' toggle to the right of each user.

We recommend reviewing your current users and adjusting the toggles/account statuses to your current preferences. These updates also allow you to log in at any point and make changes, as your team changes or grows.

For a full walkthrough of the user settings, watch the following video:

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