Here's some detailed information about your newsletter service from Avenue.

1. If you send in a request for a change, we will get an updated sample back to you within 24 hours or before the newsletter goes out (whichever happens first). If a weekend falls in between, we will get back to you on Monday.

2. Our system is set up so that your newsletter will go out at 9am on the 15th (or the nearest business day after that). If we prevent it from being sent because of a request from you, we are unable to send it after that point. This has been put in place so that our systems can handle a number of newsletter requests and changes and so that your newsletter will remain consistent for your clients

3. Our system is also set to pull the three events closest to the date of the newsletter. This is so that the newsletter can be as up to date and relevant to your subscribers as possible! Since the preview comes to you a week before the actual newsletter goes out, it is automatically pulling the three nearest to the preview date. The events will be updated when the actual newsletter goes out, and will likely not be the three events shown in the preview.

4. Your preview will show the greeting ‘Hello Friend’ at the very top. When the actual newsletter is sent the word ‘Friend’ will be replaced by the first name of the recipient, which is pulled from the First Name field in your mailing list e.g. ‘Hello Steve’. Please ensure your First Name field data is accurate so that the recipient is addressed properly. If the First Name field is blank, ‘Friend’ will be used as a placeholder.

5. Your newsletter campaign is sent via MailChimp, which we use to store your mailing list. Please do not edit or change the campaign in Mailchimp that is created by Avenue at any time. Your changes will not save and your newsletter will likely not send. Please email us at to let us know of any changes you would like to make before the 14th of each month at 3pm.

6. If you disrupt your newsletter by making changes in MailChimp, we cannot assume responsibility over errors or disruptions to your newsletter. Any changes made via MailChimp will also result in inaccurate data in our post-newsletter report that we send to you. We give back-end access to Mailchimp so that you can view detailed reports on your newsletter performance but please (for our sanity!) do not edit the campaigns at any point. 

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