What is Avenue Labs? 

The average benchmark for ‘click-through rate’ on Real Estate ads on Facebook is just 0.99%. On average, our ads perform well above that, but here at Avenue, we want to do better. 

Previously, we have focused on how we can optimize listing ads to drive more traffic back to your beautiful website. (Remember when we launched new, enhanced Facebook ads for everyone…) 

Avenue Labs was set up to test some new strategies, and ad types which aren’t reliant on listings. We advertise your site as a resource for potential buyers, and the team is always testing new strategies and ads. 

Who participates in Avenue Labs? 

We select a variety of clients from our service areas and focus on improving their click-through rates. We often select clients who haven’t had a listing in a while, as their services are more reliant on the type of ads we are working to improve. 

How will I know if I'm part of Avenue Labs? 

We'll send you an email to give you a heads up if we have chosen your account for Avenue Labs. Participants generally stay in the programme for about one month. 

If I'm selected, does it mean my adverts aren’t performing well? 

No! We are transparent about your ad results, and the majority of our clients are performing well above industry average. But we can always be better. Being part of Avenue Labs just means your ads are at the cutting edge of our new styles and strategies.  

What sort of results have you gotten? 

More than 80% of the clients who have been selected for Avenue Labs have seen an increase in their click-through rate (CTR).

How does Avenue know it’s working? 

The Avenue Labs team meets regularly to review the performance of their ad sets. If things aren’t working, they come up with a new strategy and test that out instead! 

How do I know it’s working? 

As always, you can see how your adverts are performing in the Advertising Stats section of the Avenue App. Keep an eye out here, and on your Website Stats which could be impacted by your ads’ performance. 

If you would like to know more about how advertising works at Avenue, check out our Advertising Collection

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