Why are content posts important?

Based on our research, one post per week is the right frequency to show potential & existing clients that you’re always available, active, and accessible on social media.

What do we post?

We share light, engaging content on your Facebook Business page once per week. These articles are sourced from online real estate, home decor, and news publications. They’re posted in addition to your listing ads and don’t require any ad spend.

You selected your preferences on the initial setup form you filled out when you signed up with us but you can always adjust these preferences (see below).

All content we post falls into the following categories: 

  • Real Estate/Financial News

  • Real Estate/Financial Tips

  • Home Decor

  • Home Tips

  • Local News

  • Local Events

We also post the following:

  • Special holiday messages

  • Client testimonials

  • Links to archived newsletters

  • Your blog posts

  • Your sales

Want to make changes to your preferences? Let us know here!

See below for an example of a content post.

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