VOW stands for Virtual Office Website

IDX is an acronym for Internet Data Exchange (Avenue uses this type)

Both of these are methods for displaying listings. The difference between them is that VOW is a private network of listings and IDX is open to the public. When entering the listing into MLS, the realtor will make the decision where to show their listing on IDX, VOW, or both feeds.

When you search a VOW listing on Google, all of the sites that provide information on that specific listing will require the user to login in with a specific password.

Whereas IDX listings do not have the same restriction or limitation - the public can view them in the public sphere without giving personal information. These are the listings that we can post. From our research, we believe that forcing people to sign in to view all of our listings will reduce the usage of your site so we do not provide VOW websites at this time.

Adding VOW listings to your website manually can be in violation of your boards regulations and can result in heavy consequences. It is advised that VOW listings do not get manually added to your website.

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