We are always looking for new ways to make your Avenue services perform even better. One of the latest features we’ve rolled out this season is our Prompted Lead Capture tool.

Designed to accompany our existing lead tools on your website, the Prompted Lead Capture feature was created to help drive more leads for your business. Previously, the lead capture on your pre-defined searches generated the majority of leads for your site. We wanted to add a way for you to also generate qualified leads via your listings ads. 

Now, whether leads are just casually browsing one of your listings, or seriously interested in viewing a home, you now have an alternative way to capture their information while they are on your website.

How Prompted Lead Capture Works

The Prompted Lead Capture Form will be triggered once a visitor has been on one of your featured listings for more than 10 seconds. You have the option to make this forced, or dismissible (explained below.)

Choose To Set This Feature as Forced or Dismissible

Your personal settings for this feature are automatically set to dismissible by default.

If you are an existing client who would like to change this setting to forced, you can contact our team at help@avenuehq.com to request that change and we can make the changes for you right away.

If you are a new client in the process of launching your website currently, our Launch Specialists will be happy to walk you through the process and confirm your preferences for this tool.

Your other lead capture options that you've already chosen on your website will not be affected by this choice. They operate separately from one another.

What's The Difference Between Dismissible and Forced?

Dismissible — visitors can choose to exit the Prompted Lead Capture form without having to submit their contact information in order to continue browsing your listing and the rest of your website.

Visitors who choose to dismiss the form window will not see this form on any future visits to your website's featured listings for the next 30 days unless they have cleared or blocked cookies on their web browser.

Forced — visitors will have to submit their contact information on the lead capture form before they can continue to browse your listing and the rest of your website. If a lead submits their information, they won't see this lead capture form again while on your site.

We give you two different options to choose from here depending on how aggressive you want to be with your lead capture. Some clients would like more of a passive website experience, and others are more focused on a high volume of leads. This choice is totally up to you.

Viewing Leads on the Avenue App

Now that you have a lead from a featured listing, what’s next? 

After a form has been filled out, it will be recorded in the Contacts section of your Avenue App. You will also receive an email that you have a new lead and will be encouraged to view that lead in your Avenue App. From there you can view which listings your leads originated from.

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To log into the Avenue App and check out your existing leads from advertising click here.

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