Step 1: Go to your Facebook Business page

  • *This can only be done on your desktop version (not mobile)

  • Login to your personal account

  • Click the arrow on the top right to toggle to your Business page

Step 2: Click Settings on the top right hand corner

  • This is beside help & above your banner

Step 3: Find Page Roles

  • From the list that will appear on the left, scroll to Page Rolls

Step 4. Respond to request

  • From Page Rolls, you will find Pending Partner requests & you will see Avenue's request there

  • You will be asked to enter your password to accept.

Step 5: Let us know you've accepted it!

  • We won't be notified, so please let us know when you've accepted the request!

  • Please email us at or start a Live Chat

Note: Only the creator or admin of your business page will be able to accept this request. If someone else has created your page for you, please contact them to

a) accept the request or

b) add you as an admin to the account.

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