We are always looking for ways to make your Avenue services better. This means driving more traffic to your website, and ultimately, helping you get more business. To achieve this, we’ve made some changes to drive fewer clicks to third-party sites, and instead, getting clicks back to your website. Our lead capture tools can then help to find out who in your database is in the market for new homes. Your newsletter is a key tool to keeping front-of-mind with your network, and we’re always working on new ways to increase engagement.

Properties relevant to your area

Available listings in your chosen area will be displayed and readers can click through to view more listings.

Once readers have clicked through, they can further filter their search by community, price, features, etc. 

Opportunity to utilize the Saved Search feature

Readers can subscribe to the specific searches they have entered.

After they submit their info, it’s automatically forwarded to your inbox. That way, you can track them as a lead, and follow up with them as you see fit.

Qualify your leads

If you are using the forced or optional lead capture tool, this can assist in gathering leads.

Depending on which setting you choose, you’ll receive leads from people who are early in their home buying journey or from those who are further along.

If you have any questions surrounding this change, feel free to reach out to help@avenuehq.com or chat to us from your Avenue App.

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