We provide analytics on how your site is performing with regards to website and listing traffic in the 'Website Stats' section of the Avenue app. However, if you need  more detailed data, your best option right now is to install a Google Analytics tracking pixel on your site. 

Google will give you extensive reporting features and is free to use. We’re working on building our own analytics tool as quickly as we can, but this is a great option for you in the interim. 


Because it will be your own personal Google Analytics account, you’ll have to do the initial set up, and then we’ll put the tracking code on your site. Here’s a setup guide to get it started - it's quite manageable; you can complete steps 1 to 3 and we’ll do step 4. Then you’ll be able to log in to Google Analytics and see/export all of the metrics you might need.

Once you've completed the first 3 steps, please send an email to help@avenuehq.com and we will complete the final step for you.

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