In the Avenue App, all incoming leads will be stored in the Contacts section. When you select a lead, you will see a button called 'Contact History' in the top left of the pop up window. 

Click on this to see how many times a lead has reached out, and open up the details of each submission!

Once you have clicked on the submission date, you'll see a new field called 'Source'. This is simply where the lead came from and what kind of lead capture they filled out on your website. 

Lead capture sources: 

  • Saved search: This is when a user saves a property search to get updates about properties within a certain area and type. 
  • Predefined search: This is when a user fills out the form on your lead capture pop-up which appears on your predefined searches. This pop-up can either be forced or dismissible.  
  • Social sign-in: This is when a user 'signs in with social' on your lead capture pop-up.
  • Lead capture bubble: This is when users leave you their details in the chat bubble on the bottom-left corner of your website, or if they click on the connect button.
  • Arrange showing button: This is when users request to arrange a showing of a specific property, which appears on all of your listings pages. 
  • Home evaluation form: This is when users, generally sellers, fill out a home evaluation request. When you receive these requests, you should get in touch with them to provide them with an evaluation. Some of our ad types point to this form for you to collect leads.
  • Home finder form: This is when users, generally buyers, fill out a form on your website to help them find a new home. Some of our ad types point to this form for you to collect leads. 
  • Prompted lead capture: The Prompted Lead Capture Form will be triggered once a visitor has been on one of your featured listings for more than 10 seconds. 

View 'Lead Source' allows you to view what website page the lead filled in the lead capture form. It shows you the exact searches, properties and details that a lead was looking at when they decided to give you their details. 

Tip: If the lead has filled out a saved property search, this will also show you the search criteria that they filled out on your website to keep for reference. 

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