1. Can I manually update my listings? 

Yes you can, or we can do it for you. If you sign up for one of our packages in an IDX enabled region, we’ll automatically pull your listings from the MLS. If you’re in a non-IDX enabled region, we’ll manage three listings for you every month.

3. How many past solds can I add? 

We will add up to 10 during the launch process for our non-IDX websites. If you would like to add more than 10, you can do this manually yourself. We don't recommend adding all of your past solds though, try and limit this to the solds that best represent your business or you are most proud of.

4. Can I add a third-party IDX widget?
You can, we can add this onto a static page on your site. This won't connect to your other services though, it will just be a widget on the website. You will also have to purchase this independently, email us at help@avenuehq.com to add widgets to your site. For IDX-enabled regions, the IDX comes included with your packages.

5. Will I get the weekly-website email?

Yes you will. When new listings are added to your website site, they will automatically get pulled into the weekly website email. This is how you can keep us updated about listing activity for your 3 managed listings.

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