This guide will help to walk you through how to manually upload one of your own listings on your website.

1. First, open the Wordpress Dashboard (If you don't know how to login to your Wordpress Dashboard click here)

2. On the left hand side under “My Listings” click on “Add New”

Title: Write an engaging title that will be displayed on your listing.

Body: Here is where you will add the description of the property. 


In the featured listing section you only need to customize the following fields. You can leave all other fields empty.


  • If you would like a banner on the listing image after the Just Listed expires, add text here that will be displayed at the top of the listing image. Most people would leave this empty. (optional)

Just Listed 

  • A “Just Listed” banner is automatically added to new listings and shown for two weeks 
  • You should only fill in this box, if you would like something other than the Just Listed banner here.

Sold Title 

  • A “Sold” banner is automatically added to listings marked as sold. Never expires and cannot be removed. 
  • If you would like something different than the standard 'Sold' Title. Ie: “Sold in 6 days!” “Sold over asking” then fill this in here.

Sold Date

  • Leave this empty, this will auto populate to the date you publish it.


  • Check this box if you are not the listing agent.


  • This is where you will add all the photos to the listing and will be displayed as a gallery. You may upload as many as you would like to the listing.


  • Additional information like floor plans, spec sheets etc. can be added here

Open Houses

  • An “Open House” banner is added to a listing when an open house date is inputted. This will expire when the date of the open house passes, so ensure this date is kept correct.


This is the area where you will add all the information on the listing. 


  • It is important that you add the full address to the “Address” text box AS WELL as adding the information into the spaces below. This is how the address will be publicly displayed on your website. 

To note: the sections marked “Override” are used if you cannot find the information in the dropdown menu

The most important information to include in this section in order for a listing to appear properly are:

MLS Listing ID 


Full Address Information

# of Bedrooms/Bathrooms 

Square Footage 


Under All Listing Options on the right hand side of the page are the different pages your listing will appear in are:

  • Archive -  Listing will appears in past sales
  • Hidden - Will hide listings
  • Home Page - Listing will appear on home page
  • Note: By selecting none the above, the listing will appear on your featured listings page

The Listing Status is the current status of the property. 

Hit Publish on the top right hand side you're done!

If you have any problems manually adding a listing to your site, give us an email on and we can help you to troubleshoot!

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