What are the goals for your MailChimp campaigns?

Your audience will receive one monthly newsletter which gets sent out on the 15th day of each month. The goal of the campaign is to reach out to your clientele and keep them updated about the real estate market as well as new listings.

How have these contacts been collected? Please give us the URL where people sign up online, or describe your opt-in processes. If you used offline methods, please send a screenshot of any forms in JPG or PNG format only for us to review. Please translate any forms into English before creating screenshots if necessary.

Subscribers are clients and/ or family who have been clients. People have signed up and provided their email addresses on paper.

Do you plan to import and/or collect additional contacts? If so, could you describe the way the contacts were or will be collected?

New contacts will be collected from the website, there is a prompt to sign up.

In years and months, how long ago were these contacts collected; or, what is the time frame of collection (e.g. “2005 to present”)?

List has been built since I became a realtor.

Have these contacts ever been sent to using MailChimp, or any other bulk email service? If so, when was the last time the data was sent to in full?


How were individuals made aware of the fact that they would be added to your bulk email marketing audience?

Through a written agreement.

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