Month Selection

Above the stats for your newsletter, you can select which month you’d like to see information for. Each newsletter is sent out in the middle of the month.

Subscribers, Open Rate, and Click Rate

Three statistics help you track your newsletter’s engagement. Subscribers tells you how many people receive your newsletter each month. Open rate tells you how many have opened it. Click rate tells you how many have opened it and then clicked a link within the newsletter.

Newsletter Trends

This section shows you how your subscribers, open rate, and click rate have changed since the previous months.

Visual Report

The graph near the bottom of the screen shows you long-term trends over multiple months. By selecting subscribers, open rate, or click rate, you can change which stats are visualized. The green horizontal line marks up-to-date market averages, so you can judge whether your newsletters are performing better than average, or whether they could use some work. 

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