Login Screen

To log in to your Avenue account, go to app.avenuehq.com. Then, enter your email address, plus the password you set when you were first invited to the app. If you can't find your password, email us at help@avenuehq.com to get this reset.


Main Screen

All your leads are collected in contacts. While they’re automatically imported through lead capture tools on your site, you can also manually add a contact by selecting "Add a new contact" in the top right of the screen. 

Individual Contacts 

When you select a contact, their information will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Here, you can add notes, or change the status of the contact (New prospect/Client/Contacted/Lost). To edit or delete the contact, click the (…) at the top right of the individual contact window. 

Edit Contact

The edit contact window lets you change a contact’s details. Once you’re done editing, click “Save Contact” to save your changes. To close the window without saving your changes, click the X in the top right corner.

Exporting Contacts

To export your contacts to add to your Mailchimp subscribers, or a third-party CRM, click "select all" box and then "Export" which will download a CSV for you.

Contact History

On each lead you will see Contact History in the top, right corner of the lead. When you click on this, you can see how many times this lead has submitted their information and which lead sources each submission came from. For example, leads might come in via your Home Evaluation form, and then again via your Lead Capture Bubble. To learn more about where your leads come from, click here.

Newsletter Stats

Month Selection

Above the stats for your newsletter, you can select which month you’d like to see information for. Each newsletter is sent out on the 15th of the month.

Subscribers, Open Rate, and Click Rate

Three statistics help you track your newsletter’s engagement. Subscribers tells you how many people receive your newsletter each month. Open rate tells you how many have opened it. Click rate tells you how many have opened it and then clicked a link within the newsletter.

This section shows you how your subscribers, open rate, and click rate have changed since the previous months.

Visual Report

The graph near the bottom of the screen shows you long-term trends over multiple months. By selecting subscribers, open rate, or click rate, you can change which stats are visualized. The green horizontal line marks up-to-date market averages, so you can judge whether your newsletters are performing better than average, or whether they could use some work.

Website Stats

Month Selection

Above your stats, you can select a month from this drop-down menu, and choose which month to view stats for. 

Website Traffic and Listing Traffic

Website traffic tells you how many times pages on your website were viewed during the month selected. This applies to all pages. Listing traffic tells you the number of views for listings alone.

Visual Report

The graph near the bottom of the screen lets you track page views over multiple months, either for your website or your listings. Click the drop-down menu to choose which stat you’d like to view.

Live Chat

To message the Avenue team at any time, click the chat bubble icon in the bottom right of the screen.


Your users are displayed just like your contacts. These users are the other people who need access to your Avenue App. On this page, you can see their name, email, account type and whether they receive email notifications (ie. when you get a new lead, whether they will be notified.) 

Inviting a new user

You also now have the option to add new users to your App. When you click 'Invite a new user' in the top, right corner you have the option to add a name, email and assign permissions. When you click 'send invite', they will receive a prompt to sign in and set a password, and will then have access to your App.

To note: new users that you invite to the app will not receive any lead notification emails until they have confirmed their invitation by setting a password. This is to protect the security of your leads.

To learn more about users in the App, click here.


Avenue Account FAQ

Q: How can I access it on my phone?

A: Easily add it to your mobile home screen by following these simple steps.

Q: A new lead has appeared in Contacts, but I haven’t gotten an email notifying me about it.

A: All leads are emailed to you instantly as soon as they submit the form on your site. If you are not receiving lead emails, check your 'other' and 'spam' folders. To ensure these emails don't end up in those folders in the future, add help@avenuehq.com to your favourites list.

Q: I logged into my Avenue account for the first time, and Contacts already has leads. Where are they from?

A: Any leads your Avenue site has captured before you logged in are included in Contacts. You should have received emails notifying you of these new leads when they were captured.

Q: Can I view my newsletter list through the app?

A: Your newsletter list is contained within Mailchimp. Currently, you cannot manage your mailing list from within your account, but we are working on a tool that will let you do this. For now, log in to Mailchimp to manage your newsletter contacts. If you would like to add your Avenue leads to your mailing list, you can click "select all" and then "export" to pull a CSV of your leads. 

Q: How long does it take for new leads to appear?

A: All new leads are emailed to you instantly. You will also be able to see them in your account straight away. We recommend calling leads as soon as they submit their information.

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