Our newsletters are designed to go out whether you are in the office, on vacation, busy or have plenty of time on your hands.

They include your branding and content relevant to your readers, including a light and engaging article, real estate news from your board and events happening locally in your area. We also have content that links back to your website, including your featured listings. This is important: sending traffic to your listings and ultimately turning your subscribers into traffic, and then leads.

Some clients like to customize their newsletter, adding a personal introduction or changing some of the features around. If you would like to do this on a one-off, or monthly basis, just send your changes to help@avenuehq.com before 3pm on the 14th of each month.

If you do not request any changes/edits to your newsletter, your newsletter will go out to your subscriber list on the 15th with the template show in your preview. You can also request to skip a newsletter month entirely if you do not want an issue sent out at all.

This is the default order of your newsletter. You can choose to add or remove sections but cannot change the overall order of these sections.

1. Header image - This is branded with your colours and logo, and is custom to you.

2. Introduction - You can include a custom introduction for your readers. If you are too busy this month, or on an ongoing basis, our team will write a brief introduction for your readers.

3. Signature - This contains your contact details and name of your brokerage, along with any tag lines you have provided.

4. Custom Articles (optional) - This is where any custom articles you have provided will be. To send us an article to include, email help@avenuehq.com before the 14th of each month.

5. Light and engaging article - This is written by our marketing team and is related to real estate. Some subjects include: gardening tips, home decor, home staging and seasonally relevant content.

6. Local Events - These are included based on the area you are in. They are pulled automatically so can't include custom events here. If you would like to include a custom event, you can send us the content (a description and photo) to include in the custom article in section 4.

7. Featured Listings - These will pull automatically from your website's featured listings. You can also manually specify which listings you would like displayed here.

8. Real Estate Board Article - This is an article published by your real estate board each month that contains information about the market specific to your region.

9. Predefined Search - This is three of listings from a pre-defined area you have chosen. As a default, this is the region that your brokerage is in but you can change this at any time by emailing help@avenuehq.com

10. Footer Image - We pull this from your website, and is generally your brokerage logo unless you make a request for a specific image.

11. Mailchimp unsubscribe link - So that your newsletter abides by email regulations, we include an unsubscribe link for readers to opt out of communications from you. This will happen automatically on Mailchimp's backend and you do not have to do anything with any unsubscribes.

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