Mailchimp is a newsletter provider service that Avenue uses to send out your newsletter. 

Although you have access to your Mailchimp back-end where you can view detailed reports of how your newsletters perform, we ask that you do not ever edit the Mailchimp campaigns. This is very important as it means your newsletter could go out formatted incorrectly or missing, and we wouldn't know about it! 

If you would like access to your Mailchimp back-end and you don't know your username and password, just email or log in to your Avenue App and request your details in our live chat.

Mailchimp is free to use for any client with up to 2000 subscribers. Above 2000, Mailchimp will bill you directly. If you would like to keep your subscriber list under 2000, we recommend removing inactive subscribers from your Mailchimp account. These are people who haven't opened or interacted with your newsletters, so are unlikely to do so in the future. You can do this by emailing - we are happy to help!

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