You have the choice of including the following on your Avenue site:

  • This feature lets clients browse through active listings. They can filter their search by community, price, features, etc. 

  • Check it out here.

Predefined searches

  • These are map search buttons we create with predefined search criteria, which take clients to searches with criteria you’ve already entered. Criteria can include community, property type, price points, and more. This is extremely useful for representing your focus area on the site. It’s also a key design point on your landing page.

  • Check it out here.

Mortgage Calculator

  • This user-friendly program quickly estimates monthly mortgage payments, interest, and total payments for users.

  • Check it out here.

Home Evaluation Form

  • This form collects information that lets you calculate how much a client’s home is worth. All inquiries through this form are sent to your email so you can respond to the client’s inquiry. It does not automatically calculate the client’s home worth. 

  • Check it out here.

Home Finder Form

Buyers/Sellers’ Guides

  • Standard guides provided by AvenueHQ outline basic information for buyers and sellers. 

  • Check it out here.


  • Keep your client’s updated with your day to day with a blog. You can easily update blogs by emailing posts to our client services team. We’ll format them and update your blog for you.

  • Check it out here.

Forced lead capture

  • Settings include forced, optional, or none.

  • When this lead capture is active, visitors to listings on your site are presented with a pop-up asking for their contact information. When set to “forced,” the user can’t view the listing until they’ve entered their info. You can set this featured to be forced, dismissible or you can completely exempt it from your site. 

  • Check it out here (wait 20 seconds!)

Lead Capture Bubble

  • This chat bubble appears at the bottom right of the window when users visit your site. When clicked, a pop up will appear with the request for name, phone number and email. These inquiries will go directly to your email. 

  • Check it out on the bottom corner of this site

Have another idea for a page on your site?

  • Let us know! We can discuss the best ways to display your content!

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