Avenue's SEO add-on is designed to set your site up with relevant keywords and best practices to allow your site to start building SEO over time. All of the work we do in the SEO add-on is on-page SEO. For anyone seriously interested in building their SEO, we recommend researching off-page SEO and link building for your site. Off-page SEO is not included in this add-on. To learn more about off-page SEO, we have a free webinar available here.

First, we research your website’s prior SERP rankings. Then we create page redirects that preserve the keywords you rank for already.

Next, we do keyword research focused on areas that are important to you (up to three of them—you provide these during the launch process.) Using this information we select approximately 10 relevant keywords which we build into optimized content (including all metadata, URLs, alt-text etc) and add them to your site, along with a relevant map search. 

With this initial set up, you are in the best position to see your SEO grow over time, especially as you gain backlinks from other sites. This is also the best way to preserve any existing SEO when you switch websites.

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