Your Avenue newsletter follows a standard outline that leaves room for you to add in personalized content for your readers to engage with. If no personalized content is added to your newsletter by the deadline date it will still go out with our standard content.

The deadline to receive newsletter support from the Avenue team is 3:00pm PST the business day before the 15th. Please note that proof reading content is not part of our services at Avenue.

Here is what is included in each newsletter as standard. You can remove sections but you cannot change the order that these are displayed. The order is as follows:

1. Header Image - Branded with your colours and logo, and is custom to you.

2. Introduction - Avenue provides a standard introduction note in this section. Alternatively you can use this section to add in your own personalized text! If no content is added the newsletter will be sent out with our standard intro.

Edit your introduction in our Newsletter Editor, in your Avenue Account!

3. Signature - Like a business card this contains your contact information and name of your brokerage.

4. Custom Articles (optional) - This is where any custom articles you have added will be displayed.

Add your Custom Articles in our Newsletter Editor, in your Avenue Account!

5. Light and Engaging Article - Written by our marketing team, some subjects include: gardening tips, home decor, home staging and seasonally relevant content.

6. Tips and Resources - Three fun and engaging sources from around the web to keep your readers entertained.

7. Featured Listings - Up to 15 of your most recent listings. These pull automatically from your website and can only be showcased in order of date published.

8. Real Estate Board Article - This is an article published by your real estate board each month that contains information about the market specific to your region.

9. Predefined Search - Three listings from a predefined area you have chosen. As a default, this is the region that your brokerage is in but you can change the price, property type, and area parameters of this section by emailing

10. Footer Image - An image of your brokerage logo to ensure your newsletter complies with board regulations

11. Mailchimp Unsubscribe Link - So that your newsletter abides by email regulation laws, we include an unsubscribe link for readers to opt out of communications from you.

You can now view your newsletter preview in the Newsletter Editor section of your Avenue Account! You have until the day before the newsletter goes out to add your custom content. The deadline to receive newsletter support from the Avenue team is 3:00pm PST the business day before the 15th (This deadline also applies for adding new contacts in MailChimp.).

Here are the parts of the newsletter that you can change:

Subject line - The default is “[Month] newsletter”

The Introduction - We recommend you leave a personal message from yourself about work, family, seasonality or anything that engages with your audience. If you are too busy to write this, no problem! Your newsletter will still go out with our standard introduction.

Custom articles - You can add custom articles, videos or stats you've found online.

If you prefer not to have our light and engaging article this month, we can remove that for you and replace it with your custom article. Learn more about how to write great custom content here!

Predefined search parameters - We can update the price limits, property types, and area filters for this section.

Remember, if you'd like to add custom content or add your own introduction, please have the finalized content into the editor the day before the newsletter goes out. If you miss this deadline the newsletter cannot be resent with your changes due to Mailchimp’s Spam Policy

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