Avenue's lead capture tool lets you choose between forced, optional, or disabled.  

Here's how it works: 

  1. A visitor arrives at one of your predefined property searches—either organically, or through an Avenue ad.

  2. When they click a listing, they’re prompted to enter their contact info (which they can manually enter, or submit via Google or Facebook). 

  3. Once a user has submitted their contact information, you get their details in your inbox immediately. 

Note that the pop-up will only surface one time per visitor. 

There are three different tiers of lead capture to choose from: forced, optional, or disabled.

If you choose forced lead capture, the user must enter their contact info before they can dismiss the prompt and view the listing.

If you choose optional lead capture, the user can dismiss the prompt without entering any info, and view the listing.

If you choose to disable lead capture, the user will not be prompted at all.

Which option should I choose?
The forced and optional lead capture settings each have their own unique strengths. It’s good to keep these in mind when you choose a setting. That being said, you’re always free to change settings later on.

Forced lead capture
Clients who use forced lead capture typically receive a higher volume of leads in their inbox—since anyone who wants to view a listing has to enter their contact info and become a lead. 

This means you’ll be getting leads who are seriously interested—as well as leads who are only window shopping, and entered their info just so they could view the listing. Overall, forced lead capture gives you higher lead volume—but lower lead quality—than other options.

Forced lead capture may be a good choice if you’re new to a market, and wish to quickly grow your database of contacts. And it gives you a chance to nurture leads early in their home buying journey.

Optional lead capture
Clients who use optional lead capture typically receive a lower volume of leads than those who use forced lead capture—since visitors have a choice of dismissing the prompt to view the listing.

This means that those visitors who do choose to enter their info are actually interested in hearing from you, and possibly viewing the listing in person. Overall, optional lead capture gives you a lower volume of leads, but higher lead quality. 

Optional lead capture may be a good choice if you already have an established database, and you’re only interested in hearing from serious buyers. The contact info you get via optional lead capture is more likely to be from people who are further along in their home buying journey, and ready to take concrete steps towards making an offer.

Disabled lead capture
If you would like visitors to your site to be free to view any content they like without any prompts to submit contact information, this is the option you should choose. 

With the lead capture prompt disabled, you will likely receive the lowest volume of leads–but interested prospects will still be able to contact you via the lead capture bubble in the bottom right of your site or your contact information in your site header.

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