With the upgrade from Core to our new services package, Grow, you can expect the following changes to your social media strategy:

New, enhanced Facebook ads

Before, enhanced Facebook ads were only available as part of our Premium package. Now, they come standard with Grow. 

Created by your marketing team, these ads feature custom branding and optimized calls to action. They’ve proven to be five to eight times more effective than our standard ads.

Premium Ads

Fewer content posts

Facebook’s algorithm has changed. Organic content posts on your page have less impact than they used to. With Grow, we only post organic content to your page once a week.

Note that announcements—for instance, new listings, or open houses—will keep being posted to your page as they occur.

Based on our analysis, one post per week is more than enough to maintain your page’s “active” status. And since these posts don't link back to your website, removing them won't take away any of your site traffic. By posting less frequently, your Avenue team can focus more time on creating enhanced Facebook ads for your business and driving more traffic to your website.

Redesigned webpages

Our new Grow package comes with redesigned featured and standard listings pages, as well as updated home finder and home evaluation forms. These new designs are more modern, stylish, and conversion-optimized. 

New Listings Design

New Home Evaluation

We believe these changes will make Avenue more valuable for your business, and we're excited for you to Grow with us. 

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