Avenue runs two types of Facebook ads:

Listings Ads

Whenever you have a new listing, open house, or price change, we will showcase your property to an audience of potential buyers in your area with your branded overlay.

Our listings ads are targeted to a qualified audience based on location and other demographic criteria. 

Property Search Ads

Throughout the month, we will also run customized property search ads that represent the area you work in and the types of properties that you specialize in. 

These ads are a great tool to drive qualified buyer leads, especially during times when you're not carrying a lot of listings. 

Custom Facebook Ads

Some of our clients run contests or advertise for other features on their website, such as the Free Home Evaluation or Home Finder program. Learn more about how to run Custom Ads from our Support Article here. See below for an example of a custom Free Home Evaluation ad.

Content Posts

We share light, engaging content on your Facebook Business page once per week. These articles are sourced from online real estate, home decor, and news publications. They’re posted in addition to your listing ads and don’t require any ad spend. Be sure to invite your Facebook friends to like your business page- learn how here.

All content we post falls into the following categories:

  • Real Estate/Financial News

  • Real Estate/Financial Tips

  • Home Decor

  • Home Tips

  • Local News

  • Local Events

You set these categories on your Launch Form when you sign up. Later on, you can contact Avenue or Live Chat to change categories.

We also post the following:

  • Special holiday messages

  • Client testimonials

  • Links to new & archived newsletters

  • Your blog posts

  • Recent sales

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