A site visitor enters search criteria for the type of property they’re looking for. Let’s say they’re looking for a new home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, costing less than $1.4 million. They can select that criteria in your listings search. Then, they have the option to save it.


They’re asked to input their name, email, and phone number.


After they submit their info, it’s automatically forwarded to your inbox. That way, you can track them as a lead, and follow up with them as you see fit.


Your lead is now subscribed to the search criteria they entered. If new properties matching their criteria are listed, they get an email—either immediately or at the end each day, depending on the option they choose—that links to the new listings. They’ll only get an email when new listings appear.

Your lead can unsubscribe from their saved search at any time, or change their settings to get immediate updates for new properties. You hold onto their contact info.


Since Saved Search looks great on mobile devices, it’s also handy to use in person. For instance, use your phone or tablet at open houses to save attendees’ search criteria. Or share it with current customers as a tool to help them find their dream home.

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